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4 Steps to Create 50 Fresh Pinterest Pins In 30 Minutes

4 Steps To Create 50 Fresh Pinterest Pins In 30 Minutes

Do you want to know how to create more fresh pins for your content? Then check out these 4 steps to create 50 fresh Pinterest pins in 30 minutes.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Here you need to create a pin image that should attract an audience to click and read the post.

For that, you need to upload more pins of your own content to get more visitors to your website.

In this article, we will see how you are going to create those 50 fresh Pinterest pins for 5 articles in 30 minutes.

Fresh Pinterest pins are more required by Pinterest to get traffic. Here we will see what are fresh Pinterest pins and for what content we need to create those fresh Pinterest pins?

Lets see each and everything step by step here. Check out how to create 50 fresh Pinterest pins for your content.

What are fresh Pinterest pins?

Fresh Pinterest pins are the new pin image that points to the old URL or new URL. For example You can create 20 pins for your 1 blog post.

Each and every pin should have a different image or color or font or text content. If you want to effectively use your stock photos, then read these 10 design hacks to use your stock photos more effectively.

What are the contents you should create Fresh Pinterest Pins?

You can create fresh Pinterest pins for the following:They are as follows:

  • Blog article
  • Digital Products
  • Physical Products
  • Online Courses
  • Freebies / Lead magnets
  • Facebook groups
  • Webinars
  • Services
  • Affiliate Products
  • Landing Page
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4 steps to Create 50 Fresh Pinterest Pins For 5 Blog Post In 30 Minutes

1.Choose the content

Choose the type of content you are going to promote on Pinterest. For example: Choose 5 different types of content or five different types of blog post.

I would recommend you to choose blog posts, affiliate products, webinars, freebies, courses. Now you have 5 different types of content.

2. Generate Headlines

Now you have to come up with 2 different headlines for each content. Create a click-worthy headline for each content.

You can also use Headline Generator to write 2 better headlines for each content. At the end of this, you will get a total of 10 headlines.

If you want to know how to write better headlines for your post, then check out these 10 tips to write better headlines for your post

You should add numbers, emotional words, power words, irresistible keywords in headlines.

The-Best-Title-Generator - fresh pinterest pins

3.Create Pinterest Templates

In this step, you should create 10 different layouts of Pinterest pins. If you want you can also buy from Design Bundles.

Why you should create these Pinterest templates? It is time-consuming to create again and again. Also, it is better to create it on your own.

You can also buy it from here.

4.Create 50 Fresh Pinterest Pins Now

Now let’s do a simple math here. 

  • 5 article * 2 headlines = 10 headlines
  • 10 headlines * 5 Pin templates = 50 Pinterest Pins

Lets say it in simple words. For each article you will be creating 10 Fresh Pinterest Pins. How?

Just now you have created 2 headlines for 1 article. After that, you have also created 5 to 10 Pinterest templates.

Now, what you should do?

Just go to canva, Add 1 headline in 5 templates and add other headlines in the same 5 templates.

In the end, you have 10 fresh Pinterest pins for your article. Likewise, you can create 50 Fresh Pinterest Pins for 5 contents in 30 Minutes.

Save this Pin to your “Pinterest Marketing Tips” board to refer it again.

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What you should do after creating 50 Fresh Pinterest Pins?

Now you have a schedule and save them on Pinterest. How?

  • Add 2 pins to your website. Each pin should have a different headline.
  • Automate feed URL in Pinterest to save it to your brand board i.e website content board
  • Now you have to save another pin from your website to your most relevant board on Pinterest
  •  Then you should add another 2 pins on 3 day of your post to group boards
  • On 5th day of your post, add another 2 pins to your tailwind tribes
  • On 7th day schedule 2 pins to your own boards
  • On 10th day schedule the last 2 pins to your group boards again.

Analyze the pins which are getting more clicks and saves. Find what headlines type, which color, which templates type, and which font is getting more clicks.

Then you can create or change Fresh Pinterest pins templates based on this analytics.

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5 actionable steps to create a fresh pins for your blog post that get crazy clicks and shares