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5 Ways To Generate Leads Without Traffic In 2021

5 Ways To Generate Leads Without Traffic In 2021

Do you want to learn how to generate leads without traffic in 2021? Then read this post fully to jot down the ideas and start implementing them.

Generating leads and getting sales is more important in blogging market. For that we need a decent amount of traffic.

To drive traffic you need a SEO optimized content. So that it is easy for you to generate leads.

In the beginning of my blogging journey, I don’t know what is lead and lead magnet. So to avoid struggling to know about these please make sure to share it on social media.

There are many types of lead magnets that you can offer for free to generate leads. Here let’s see what is leads? How to get them for free?

What is lead in blogging?

Lead is nothing but your subscribers or visitors email id and name. At the same time, everybody won’t give their email id simply to you.

For that step you need to offer some lead magnet. These lead magnet should be related to your niche in blogging.

Why generating lead is so important?

List building is the most important part of blogging. In the beginning I haven’t build a list and it cause me dropdown in my traffic.

If you have a collection of 100 subscribers, then you can email them your post, affiliate products, podcast lessons and earn more money.

Now lets see the 5 ways to generate more leads to your blog post without traffic.

1.Create Lead Magnet

Just create some lead magnets and share a post regarding it in social media. Try to use Pinterest as the main source because it is driving you free traffic to your website.

You can also use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumblr and more. More sharing helps you to drive more traffic.

What is lead magnet?

Lead magnet is the freebie offered by the bloggers. You may wonder then what is freebie.

Freebie is nothing but you should give away something for free. There are many types of freebies. Lets see the list of freebies you can offer to generate lead.

  • Ebook
  • Workbook
  • Checklist
  • Canva templates
  • 5/7/30 Day Challenge
  • Discount to your course or products

and more. I will discuss what are the  types of freebie you can offer in detail in my next post. 

2. Add lead magnet to your content

Always try to create a checklist or workbook for your post. Why? Because it will help you generate leads for free.

There is no need of paid advertising to generate leads. You can add a email optin between your content.

You can add this email optin either in the middle of your content or at the end of your content

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3. Create an action taking headline for your post

Make your headline as catchy so that it is easy for your users to visit your website. Create a headline using numbers.

Your headline should be appealing. Add some power words in your headline. At the same time, headline should have either positive or negative sentiment.

In addition to this, you should add your focus keyword in the beginning of your title. Try to add year at the end of your post headline. Create some curiosity in headline.

Example headline: 7 benefits of ” keyword”, 6th point will shock you.

In this headline, it creates a curiosity in your mind. So you will surely click on the post to know what is the 6th point in it.

You can also try A/B test your headline. How? Create 2 headlines and use 1 headline and check the number of visitor and session time.

After 1 week try with the second headline and see the traffic. Now compare both and choose the one best for your post to drive traffic.

4. Use Title Generator Tool

Here in the title generator tool just add your keyword you are going to focus in your post. After that, it will automatically generate titles for you.

Choose the with good headline score and modify it based on your post content. Here also you can choose 2 headlines and run A/B test on it.

You can also make use of title score tool to find the score for your title readability. For this you can use any of the SEO plugin for free. 

I personally prefer to use Rank Math and Yoast SEO. You can choose the one which is easy for you to use.

5. Create SEO Optimized Content

While writing your post try to create it as SEO optimized one. For this, you can make use of Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugin.

If you are using Elementor page builder, then I would recommend you to use Rank Math. Here it will show you the list of test your content should pass it.

If not it will show you danger sign near the particular test. In addition to this, it will also show you the solution to repair it. Furthermore, it will show you SEO score for your post.

If the score is in green, it is fully optimized  for score (80-90). And if your score is in orange, it is ok to publish (60-70). If the score is red, you haven’t entered your keyword and meta description(20-59).

I hope the above tips helps your to start generating leads for your website. If so share it on social media. Make sure to Follow me on Pinterest to Follow the updates.

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