8 font mistakes to avoid by bloggers

8 Font Mistakes To Be Avoided By Bloggers

8 Font Mistakes To Be Avoided By Bloggers On Pinterest

Do you want to get more traffic to your blog? Then you should avoid these 8 font mistakes while creating pins for Pinterest. These tips are specially designed for Pinterest beginners and bloggers.

Pinterest Marketing is one of the most important source of traffic to many female bloggers. Why? Pinterest is full of female bloggers.

But now male bloggers also started realizing the importance of Pinterest.

Now they also started using Pinterest for getting quality traffic to your blog. This will in turn help you to earn passive income from Google adsense.

At the same time, those who started using Pinterest you should make sure to read this blog post.

Fonts are the most important characters of pins in Pinterest. At the same time, fonts also plays a major role in graphic design.

So be careful in using fonts. Choose the fonts based on the purpose you are using. So select your fonts meticulously.

Here is the list of fonts mistakes that should be avoided by bloggers in Pinterest. These mistakes may seem to be small but it will cause a greater impact on your pins and traffic.

Try to create pins that should attract audience to your blog. At the same time, simplicity in pins also attract many users.

Use bold fonts to get greater attentions from Pinterest users. In addition to this, there are some 10 Pinterest pin design tips for bloggers is here. Read this to get some ideas while start creating pins for Pinterest.

8 Font Mistakes Are As Follows:

8 font mistakes to avoid by blogger

Font Personality

Each and every font has its own personalities. There are fonts only used for comics.

These comic fonts should not be used somewhere other than comics.
If you are using it in some other places, it leads to contradictions.

Likewise signature fonts are used only for signatures. But we can use script fonts in blog as well as in graphics.

So based on the font’s personality use it. How to find font personality?

Go to the place where you downloaded the font or search in Google by typing your font name.It shows what type of font it is.


Don't Use More Than 2 Fonts

While creating pins for Pinterest, you should not use more than 2 fonts. Why? Because we are not showing our graphic talents here.

Instead we are attracting audiences to our blog. Adding more than 2 fonts makes your audience distract from its original content. So don’t do this font mistake ever.

more than 2 fonts - fonts mistake

All Caps

This is another important mistkes all should avoid while creating pins. We should not use all caps for script fonts.

You can use all caps for sans serif fonts. But if you are using all caps for script fonts, it will become difficult in reading the text on the pin. So try to avoid this font mistake again.

all caps - fonts mistake

Use Clearly Readable Fonts

Use fonts which are clearly readable to all. You can use script fonts also. But while choosing script fonts you should see all the letters and choose the one which is easy to read.

As Pinterest is a visual search engine, users will be only seeing the pins content. So try to make it clearly readable to all.

readable fonts - fonts mistake

Use Premium Fonts For Branding

If you are planning to start a brand, then this tip is for you. You should start using premium fonts for your pins. Why?

If you are using branded fonts in your pins, then it is very easy for your audience to find your pins and save it.

This will in turn help you to find more audience and get traffic to your blog also.

If you want to buy some fonts, then you can go to Creative Market, Creative Fabrica and Font Bundles.

Here you will get a font bundles at some cheap rates also. You can buy those bundles and use for branding, creating graphics as well as brand your blog also.

Don't Use Common Fonts

This is another important font mistake everyone should avoid. Why? Because if you are using common fonts, it will not be able to reach your audience. How?

As Pinterest is already saturated, if you are using common fonts then you will not be able to stand out from the crowd.

common fonts - font mistake

Leave Spacing Between Fonts

Yes, of course. leaving space between words is the most important one. Why? If you are using the combination of serif and script fonts, you should leave some gap between the fonts.

This picture will explain you everything about leaving space between fonts.

spacing - font mistake

Using Fonts That Are In Not To Use List

Don’t use fonts that are in the not to use list. There are some fonts which should not be used by bloggers. So check the list before start creating pins for Pinterest.

The not to use fonts list are

  • Comic sans – comic books
  • Papyrus – advertisements, captchas
  • Curlz – joke
  • Arial – magazines, street signs
  • Courier new – film scripts
  • Brandely Hand – posters, story books
  • Vivaldi – wedding fonts

Some other fonts like mistal, impact, wide latin, times new roman and more. Instead of using these types of fonts, you can find the alternative to this font on Google.

Just type as Times new roman alternative Google font. It will show you the list of alternative fonts.

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