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About Me

valli about me

Valli Nayaghi

I’m Valli Nayaghi, a web designer, blogger, youtuber and graphic designer. Most importantly I’m a mom to my lovable son Adhvik. Without the support of my husband, I can’t be a designer.

In the beginning it is not easy for me to learn about designing. As a mom, I have to balance my work and my son. After the birth of my son only, I had started learning and then blogging.

Here I am glad to share my experience and knowledge regarding blogging, make money online, youtube, social media marketing and affiliate marketing also. I will also share some tips to make money from a blog.

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Here I provide a basic and advanced tutorials on blogging in digital marketing to make money. This tutorials are mainly for beginners and intermediate bloggers. Some courses will be launched soon for free as well as paid also. Stay tuned with my website to get an update.


My goal is to train more than 10,000 bloggers to achieve their goal in step by step. After launching my course, I will give them a 24/7 consultation to grow along with me.

My Skill Sets

Affiliate Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Youtube Marketing
Domain & Hosting
Themes & Plugins

Certifications Completed

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