Before start to blogging, you need to understand the basic of blogging. For that you need to know about many things in this blogging world. Here I am going to share the step by step process in creating your website.

At the end, I will also show you how to make money with blog. This proceeds with the 6 step process.

Step 1: Domain & Hosting

First step in building a website is purchasing domain and hosting. Pick a domain name which is easy to remember. Now a days, a free domain is given with the purchasing of hosting.

So it is better to purchase hosting and domain from the same retailer itself. If not then you need to update the nameserver in your hosting side. For the best website in hosting click below.

Step 2: WordPress Themes & Plugins

Next step is to install wordpress in your cpanel. Then you need to install some free or premium themes and plugins. For purchasing themes and plugins click below.

To know more about themes and plugins watch my basics of wordpress in the youtube channel.

Step 3: Graphics

For creating graphics, banners and more, you can make use of this free canva graphics. Some other free graphics design software are inkscape and gimp.

Step 4: Email Marketing

To grow your audience in your blog, you need to know about email marketing. For these you can  use free email marketing apps like mailchimp, mailerlite, convertkit and convertful.

Step 5: Social Media Marketing

Next step is to spread the word of your blog or website in other social medias. This will help you to grow your fan base across each social media.

Step 6: Monetize your Blog

Last step in this process is make money through your blog. For this you need to promote more digital products in your blog. To promote products, you need to join the affiliate networks.Whenever a person buy the product you recommended, you will get commissions.

Learn More About Blogging

Finally, if you need to know more about blogging, you need to purchase online courses. This will help you to build your audience, send traffic to your website and also monetize your website. 

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