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How To Start a Blog For Beginners In 2021 – Everything You Need To Know

How to Start a Blog For Beginners In 2021

Are you ready to start a blog and proceed with blogging in 2021? How to know that you are creating a blog in right steps? For that only, I have created this blog post to boost up the steps in building a blog.

First and foremost step in blogging is your mindset. Here you need to know these steps before starting blogging.

Why these steps are needed before starting blog for beginners? These are the basic and simple steps needed before blogging.

If you are a beginner then this post is for you only. Just follow these steps without skipping anything to succeed in blogging.

Why I am insisting these steps? Because I have suffered in my initial period of blogging without knowing these. So I want to help those beginners to have a success in initial stage of blogging.

This is a 4 step process in how to start a blog. Each and every steps are most important here. Lets start the step by step process in blogging.

how to start a blog resources

1.Find a niche for your blog:

This first step is the most important benign step for blogging. What is niche? Niche is nothing but field of interest.

In layman terms, we can say that niche is a passion of interest in you. For example, if you know about crafts using paper then paper crafts is a niche.

Likewise there is a sub-niche also. What is sub niche? It is a sub type of niche. For example: If your niche is tailoring, then ari work in sub-niche, embroidery is another sub-niche.

Likewise in cooking chinese cusine, korean cuisine and french cusine are sub-niche.

Here you need to find the interest in you. At the same time, interest alone is not enough. You should have the knowledge in that field also.

Why this is important? If you are blogging in some niche which is not of your interest, then you will slowly stop blogging.

At the same time, if you are blogging in your interested niche, then you will passionately dedicate yourself.

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2.Pick up a Domain Name for your blog:

This step is also important for everyone. What is domain name? Domain name is the web url of your website.

For example: In here knowaboutweb is a domain name. How you should select a  domain name?

A domain name should be easy to pronounce. In addition to this, it should also be related to your niche.

For example: Domains names which are easy to pronounce are “start a mom blog”,”simple media design”, “logos by nick”, “redefining mom”,etc

Don’t add numbers in domain name. Also don’t use special characters in your domain name.

At the same time, extension is also important for your domain url. How? If you want to run only in local then use your country as extension.

For worldwide business, you need to use .com extensions. Prices for domains vary according to the extensions also.

There are many cheap extensions like .xyz and more. Please don’t use those extensions. If you want your blog to be recognized by google, then you need to use .com extension for better results.

Here is a list of do’s and dont’s in picking up domain name. If you want just enter your name and email to download the workbook for free.

Perfect words for your domain name
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3.Choose the right hosting for your blog:

This is a vast subject for beginners. I will keep it simple and short for your understanding.

There are many types of hosting available. For example: 

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting and more

There are different hosting company offering hosting services for your blog at different rates.

Most reliable and recommended hosting is bluehost. Some other hosting providers are as follows:

You can choose the provider and plan to start blogging. For purchasing hosting choose any one of the above to get discount.

Mostly every hosting provider will offer you a free domain name for 1 year if your purchase their hosting.

So it is better to choose the plan and then register your domain name. In case if you have registered in another provider then add the nameserver to hosting.

The above step is most important which is not said in many of the post. I have faced this issue while starting blog in the beginning.

To choose the right hosting I have a workbook for you for free. Just enter your name and email id to get access to my free library.

how to choose right hosting
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4.Installing WordPress In your Blog

There are many blogging websites are available. WordPress is an open source software which is widely used by all. This is recommended by all bloggers.

It is just a  simple 1-click install to add wordpress in your website. After that you need to design your website.

WordPress is the most easiest way to start a blog for beginners. After installing wordpress, you need to design the website based on your needs.

I have created videos for each and every items in my youtube channel. In addition to this, I have also created many free ebooks for you.

You can take a look and just enter your name and email id to access 40+ free resources for your blogging business.

For the basic steps or how to design your website just follow my youtube videos. As well as I have created a 1 hour video for designing website in wordpress in my homepage.

You can refer those to start a blog as a beginners. Congrats!!! for your passion towards blogging.

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