Super Easy Ways To Choose blog name

10 Super Easy Ways In Choosing Your Blog Name in 2021

How to Choose Your Blog Name In 2021

Hey bloggers are you finding some difficulties in naming your blog. Then you are in the right place to clarify your doubts now. Here you will learn super easy ways to choose your blog name.

If you are a beginner, then you need to be very careful in choosing your blog name. Because once it is registered in domain list, it cannot be changed.

If you want to change the domain name, then you need to register a new domain. Both blog name and domain name are same.

So don’t confuse yourself. Here we will see the step by step manner to find the blog name. Also, I will give you a free checklist to choose a blog name in  a easy way.

In this article, we will see what is domain name or blog name, then some of the blog name ideas for you also.

What is Blog name?

Blog name is nothing but the name of your blog. At the same time, it is the identity or brand for you and your blog.

You should be very careful in choosing your domain name. Small mistake can lead to a loss because I have experienced it when I am a beginner.

There is no one to tell me how to choose blog name. Some tips said by other bloggers are not applicable for your blog or niche.

So be careful before purchasing a domain name. My mistake taught me a lesson so that I want to share it with you to lessen your burden.

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10 Super Easy Ways In Choosing Your Blog Name in 2021

1.Niche related name

First step before start blogging is to find your niche. Because niche is very important to choose your blog or domain name.

If you haven’t chosen your niche, then I would like you to read my article on How to choose a perfect niche for your blog in 2021

There are many wide niche and many micro niche. Lets say your niche is related to mothers. Then you should name your blog name related to this.

2. Blog name should be unique

How can you name your blog with a unique name? For that you need to do some research also.

Now go to thesaurus and find some related words to your niche. Also you can search for alternative words for your niche.

3. Add keywords in your blog name

This is another important step where your name should also be a keyword. Also this keyword should be related to your niche also.

4. Make it easy to type

Spelling in your domain name should be correct or accurate. According to modern era don’t add special symbols for some letters in a word for uniqueness. 

For example: Instead of a, some may use “@”. So avoid special characters like symbols, underscore, etc

5. Don't add Numbers in Blog name

Instead of adding numbers, you can add it in the form or text itself. For example: is better than Because this may cause users to mislead your website’s impression.

6. Easy To Remember

Your blog name should be easy to remember for your users. Why? Because it will help you to get more direct traffic from them.

They will simply type your name in the web url. It is easy for them to visit your website every now and then

7. Keep it short

Don’t try to use many keywords in your domain name. Because it will cause you to misspelling while typing it.

So keep your domain name to short. Also don’t try to use long term keyword for your blog name.

You can add upto 3-4 words in your domain name. So don’t exceed 4 words.

8. Buy .COM Domain Name

Mostly try to buy “.com” domain name. Why? Because it is the top level domain name which is recognized and easily certified by google.

This .com at the end of your domain helps to bring more traffic to your website. This will ultimately result in money making blog.

9. Use Blog Name Generator Tool

You can also try using blog name generator tool. This will help you to gather some blog name ideas for your blog.

How it will work? Just add the keyword in the search bar and press enter. It will automatically show you the list of blog name ideas. Domain Wheel is blog name generator tool worth of trying.


10. Add Adverbs In Your Domain Name

Adverbs can be added to your domain name. As it is a combination of 2 -3 words, you can add adverbs to be more unique.

For example: You can add “super” to your blog name. My suggestion is “supermomblog” is a perfect combination.

Likewise try using other adverbs to create a unique blog name. In addition to this, you can also add your name in your domain name. For example, you can name it as “blogwithvalli”. 

This helps you to remember, unique, short, easy to pronounce, easy to type, niche and keywords are present. In addition to this, you can also remember the author name also.

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