Top 5 FREE SEO WordPress Plugins Review In 2021

Top 5 FREE SEO WordPress Plugins Review

SEO is the most important step while blogging. This SEO helps you to show your blog to millions of users. Here we are going to see top 5 free SEO wordpress plugins review.

There are many free and paid plugins are available for wordpress. Among them which is easy to use and popularly installed by all other users are discussed here.

These plugins helps you to correct your blog post based on the keyword you focused. At the same time, it is optimizing your post for users.

Today I will share some SEO tips with you while blogging. So read carefully to note down it. First lets see the tips, you need to know about SEO. Then we will see the top 5 free SEO wordpress plugins review in 2021.

Some SEO Tips For You:

  • Do some keyword research and filter the keyword
  • Find the related keywords to the chose one using
  • Now write the article focusing on single keyword and sprinkle the related keywords everywhere
  • Related keywords should be a long-tail keyword.
  • Don’t over use the keyword in the blog post.
  • Title of the post should have the keyword at the beginning
  • Add keyword in the permalink
  • Keyword should be present in the Meta-description of the post
  • For the first 100 lines of the post, you need to use at least 3 keywords and combinations should be present.
  • Try to add H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 tags in your post
  • These Headings should also contain keywords
  • Don’t write it as a paragraph of 5 lines.
  • For SEO, one paragraph can contain 2 to 3 lines only.
  • Try to use bullets or create a list
  • Add some internal links to your website or your own post
  • Images should also contain the keywords.
  • ALT attribute of images should also be keywords related
top 5 free SEO wordpress plugins

FREE SEO WordPress Plugins Review

1.Yoast SEO

This SEO plugin is widely recommended and used by 5+ million active users. It helps us to beat the competition and show up before billions of users.

Yoast SEO has both free and premium versions. At the same time, free version is more than enough for beginners.


  • You can add only 1 keyword
  • Automatically generate google xml sitemap for your site
  • Creates canonical URL for your blog post
  • Full control over Site Breadcrumbs
  • Helps in faster loading pages.
  • Provides your site with rich data snippet.

2. Rank Math SEO

SEO is the most consistent way of traffic to your website. Here this Rank Math wordpress plugin helps you to build a rich SEO for your website.

In this plugin, mostly all topics are covered. At the same time, it is integrated with many other apps to get results.


  • You can add 5 keywords here
  • Google xml sitemap is automatically generated for your site.
  • Google Search Console is integrated 
  • Pinterest console is also integrated
  • LSI keyword tools are integrated
  • Keyword ranking tools are present here
  • Gives you a detailed analysis for 30 SEO tests.

3. All In One SEO

This plugin is similar to the above SEO plugins. It has overall SEO for every niche. This plugin has video SEO, Newsletter SEO, Recipe SEO and more.

In addition to this, it also has SEO audit checklist. So that it is easy for you to check it before publishing any post.


  • Gives you keyword suggestions
  • Provides Google xml sitemaps and webmasters tools
  • Create rich schema markup for your post and site
  • Make use of competitor SEO analysis
  • It also has social SEO for all social medias.
  • Integrated with other SEO plugins to import the settings in 1 click.

4. SEOPress

This plugin helps you to optimize your SEO and boost your traffic. In addition to this, it also helps us in improving social sharing.

You can import/export meta data and descriptions. Make use of content analysis to research unlimited keywords to optimize your blog.


  • Manage 301 redirections
  • Build custom XML sitemap
  • Create optimized breadcrumbs
  • 404 Monitoring
  • Google Page Speed Insights

5. SEO Framework

The SEO Framework is an expert system for SEO. It is the only solution that can  generate SEO meta tags in your WordPress environment. 


  • Enables easy social sharing
  • It captures comment spammers
  • Helps you to connect google analytics and facebook pixel
  • Automatically add important structured data 
  • Integrated with ecommerce and easy digital downloads.