10 pinterest pin design tips to grow your blog traffic

10 Pinterest Pin Design Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Pinterest Pin Design Tips

Do you want to drive traffic to your blog using Pinterest. Then carefully read this post to know to the Pinterest pin design tips to drive traffic.

Why should you use Pinterest? It is free to use and also reliable. At the same time, most of the users are women.

Pinterest is a quality traffic to your blog. Pinterest is already saturated.  To drive traffic to your blog you need these advice.

These tips helped me greatly to drive traffic to my own blog. So to help others also to attain the traffic I got, these tips are given.

Lets jump into the topic on 10 Pinterest pin design tips now. These tips are very important while creating your pins.

10 pinterest pin design tips to grow your blog traffic

1.Use Stock Photos Only

Pinterest is a visual search engine. So it will crawl through each and every images. It is better to have a HD effect photos or stock photos.

Else it will not be clear to the Pinterest and audience. To avoid such situation, make sure to use only stock photos.

I will create the digital stock photo websites list in my upcoming post. So stay in touch with me to know the list to use in your design.

stock photo pinterest pin design

2. Size of the Pins

This is another important point while creating pins. Make sure to create a vertical pins for your post.

Pinterest mostly ranks vertical pins. We recommend a 2:3 aspect ratio (e.g. 1,000 x 1,500 pixels). Other ratios may cause your Pin to truncate, or may negatively impact performance.

pin size pinterest pin design

3. Brand Your Pins

Branding is nothing but add your website url or your Logo in every pin you create. Why it is needed? This will help your audience to recognize it is your pin at once.

At the same time, it looks like branding your website in Pinterest. Don’t add your logo in the right down corner of your pin.

Because in that position Pinterest will show the type of pin. It will be overlaying your image and your logo will not be visible to everyone.

branded pins pinterest pin design

4. Contrast Text Color

Use bright colors in your pin. Colors like Pink, Blue, Purple and Red. At the same time, use contrast colors in your pin.

Add colors which are contrast to your image in your text of pin. Why? If you are adding same color, then the text won’t be visible to your audience.

contrast pinterest pin design

5. Use 2 Fonts in Your Pinterest Pin Design

Make sure to add 2 types of fonts in your pin. One is normal Serif typeface fonts. While other font should be script or handwritten font.

Why I should use script font? This will enhance your text in your pin. At the same time, this script font should be your focus keyword in your text.

font style pinterest pin design

6. Alignment in Pinterest Pin Design

Text alignment in your pin is also more important. Why? Pinterest is a visual search engine where audience scroll to see various images.

So as to attract those audience your pin should stand out of others pin. For that make use to use some alignment in your text.



What is hierarchy? The order in which your text should be aligned. Your text should not be in same size for every words.

To make a focus on keyword you should use script font and make it big in your text. While arranging them it should be in a hierarchy.

hierarychy pinterest pin design

8. Add call-to-action In Pinterest Pin Design

Make sure to add this call-to-action in your pin. What is call-to-action? This is your lead magnet or freebie.

It should be attached while creating pins. This will greatly increase your leads and traffic.

Why? Who does not want freebies? All want some freebies to use. This will emotionally drive traffic to your blog to get those freebies.

At the same time, you should add your call-to-action at the left down corner or below your text of your pin. It is the appropriate place to add it.


9. Spacing In Pinterest Pins

While designing your pins, you should leave some space in the top, bottom, left and right. Why? This will create a focus on your text of your pin.

Also if you are creating infographics in your pin and if it is very long. Pinterest will automatically truncate your pin in the bottom.

So make sure to leave some space to create a focus here.

spacing between elements

10. Use shapes and elements In Pinterest Pin Design

Make sure to use shapes and graphic elements in your pin. This will help you to attract the  attention of your audience.

You can make use of circle in focusing numbers. At the same time, to create an overlay in your photo, you can make use of square also.

In addition to this, you can also add some graphic elements like sparkles, stickers to make it more engaging.

shapes and elements