tips to explode pinterest traffic to your blog in 2021

27 Proven Tips To Explode Your Pinterest Traffic In 2021

27 Proven Tips To Explode Your Pinterest Traffic in 2021

Do you want to increase your Pinterest traffic to  your blog or website? If yes, then check out these 27 proven tips to explode your Pinterest traffic in 2021.

Yes, Of course. Here we are going to see the basics of Pinterest SEO and tips to increase your traffic. 

These are proven tips to explode your traffic. How? Because these are the steps which I had followed to increase the traffic to my website.

In addition to this, these are the tips which are said by all the Pinterest experts. In addition to this, in all premium courses, they are insisting on these 27 tips only.

So if you want to increase your traffic, then read these 27 tips to explode your Pinterest traffic in 2021.

1.Create Pinterest Business Account

Always create Pinterest Business account for your blog or service or website. Because, this will help you to get more Pinterest traffic to your blog.

Also, Business account offers many extra features for your profile with detailed analytics.

In case, if you are having personal account, then go to settings-> Profile. Then scroll down to convert your Personal account to Business account.

Pinterest business account

2. Claim Your Website

This is the most important tip, because claiming your website is the ultimate part here.

Pinterest will promote your pins if your website is verified. If you don’t understand, then check it out by see the difference by claiming your website.

Here you can also claim 2 or more websites here. Just go to Setting-> Claim -> Website -> Claim.

Now add the HTML tag or HTML file or TXT record in your website. I would recommend using HTML Tag.

For that, you need to install 2 plugins, Rank Math and Insert Header Footer Script plugins from WordPress dashboard.

Now copy and paste the HTML tag in Rank Math and Insert Header Footer Script plugins.

After that come again to Pinterest and click on continue. Now add your website and click verify to verify your website.

Why claiming your website is more important? Because this will help you to enable Rich Pins.

Pinterest html tag
Pinterest verify

3. Enabling Rich Pins

Rich pins are the pins that provide extra information for your pins. For example: If you are a food blogger, then it will automatically add your Ingredients in your SEO description of Pins.

This rich pin help you to get more views and clicks on Pinterest. How to enable rich pins? For that go to Rich Pin Validator by clicking here.

There enter your website URL and click on Validate. This will show you the below results

Pinterest-Developers - rich pin validator

4.Claim all the other Social Media Accounts

Go to settings-> claim -> social media accounts. If you have Instagram, Youtube channel or Etsy shop link your profile with Pinterest.

This will increase the trust of your profile in Pinterest. Also, it will help you to get more Pinterest traffic to your blog.

Pinterest social profile

5.Add keywords to your Profile Name

Make sure to add your Name, Blog name and field Expert. This will help people to identify you based on your expert also.

This will help you to showcase under the keyword you are placing here.

For example: If you are a blogger, then you will be listed under the blogger people category. It will enhance your Pinterest Traffic to your blog.

Pinterest profile name

6. Add keywords in Profile Description

Tell people what problem you are going to solve. And also say how you are going to solve. i.e Add keywords related to your niche in description. It should not exceed 150 characters.

To change description, go to settings-> profile-> description. Then add your description and save it,

Pinterest profile description

7. Create Boards

Now you should create at least 10 boards in your niche. Then add the pins of others in each of your board.

At least add 4 to 5 pins of others before start pinning yours. Mostly add pins of others which has high repins and saves. 

Because this will help your pin to boost the visibility. In turn, helps you to increase your Pinterest traffic

7. Add Keywords to Board Name

A board name should be easy to read and pronounce. Don’t add fancy names in your board name. Why? Because it will not be known by others.

If you are adding keywords as your board name, your board visibility is 100% sure. This in turn hep you to get more followers for your board.

Pinterest board name

7. Add keywords to your Board Description

For that search for board name in Pinterest. Then write down the long tail keywords which are autosuggested by Pinterest.

Then come up with the board descriptions using that keywords. This in turn help you to get more Pinterest traffic.

Pinterest board description

8. Add hashtags in your Board Description

Now its time for adding hashtags to your board description. These hashtags should be that researched long tail keywords. 

Pinterest board hashtags

9. Create Board Covers

These board covers help you to get it branded. For example, this will show your boards visible to your audience among the group boards you joined.

Go to canva and create design-> custom size -> 300*300 is best for creating Board cover.

What you should add in your board cover? Just add your Board name is more enough.

Pinterest board cover

10. Add Profile pic

This is the most important ingredient in Pinterest Traffic. How? It is better to add your pic as Profile pic here. Why?

This will help you to build a trust between you and your audience. Whenever they are visiting your Pinterest profile, if they are able to see your face. It is well enough for them.

You can also add your logo as profile pic. Try to do A/B testing with your pic and your logo.

11. Join Group Boards

Go to pingroupie and search for the keywords of board you are searching for. Then press enter.

Now it will show you the list of boards you can join. Here it will show you the Board name, Board owner name, No of followers, No of pins and No of colloborators.


12. Follow Boards in your Niche

Follow some boards in your niche. Find the boards which are performing well and follow the boards.

Just click on the boards and then follow it.

Pinterest group boards

13. Follow people in your niche

Follow the experts in your niche. This will help you to show your pins among their pins in the Pinterest feed.

Pinterest people

14. Follow the followers of experts in your niche

This should also be done. Why? The followers of experts also have some group of audience. This will in turn help your pin to show among many people in your niche.

Pinterest follow

15. Don't use FOLLOW for FOLLOW strategy

Don’t use this strategy to get more followers. This tip is said by many Pinterest marketers i the beginning of 2017. Now the time has changed.

If you are following this strategy, then your account might be suspended.

16. Don't use DM on Pinterest

Don’t send direct messages to other people using Pinterest. Unless it is necessary for group boards. Else your account will be suspended.

Also, don’t send more than 10 direct message to group board owners.

17. Don't follow too many people

What I am saying is don’t follow too many people on the same day itself. It is better to follow 10 people per day. Here it includes the boards and followers of experts also.

18. Maintain Consistency

You should pin daily at least 10 pins per day. Don’t pin more than 30 pins per day. Because it might look like spammy. 

19. Create Separate Website Board

This is specially designed for your audience alone. How? This board specifies all the pins from your website alone.

You can also set auto-feed to this board. How? Go to Settings-> Bulk import -> Auto feed. There add your website feed URL and then select your website board and then click connect.

This will help you to automatically add your article pin to this website board whenever there is a new article in your website feed.

Pinterest website board

20. Create Vertical Pins

Mainly you should focus on creating Vertical pins for your post. Because this pin size helps you to show more in Pinterest. Most recommended size is 2:3 i.e. 1000*1500 pixels.

If you want to know more requirements then read this Pinterest help.

21. Name of your Pin.

This is the ultimate strategy on Pinterest. You should name your pins with keyword or headline of your post.

22. Add keywords in Pin Title

Add keywords in your pin title. Also write a click worthy Pin title. Here you should add emotion and power words in it. For example: Stunning, Proven, hacks, little-known, best practices and more.

Pinterest pintitle

23.Add keywords in Pin description

Here you should add keywords related to your post. Also, you should add related keywords to the Board also. Add long tail keywords in description. This will help you to get more Pinterest traffic to your website.

Pinterest pin description

24. Add keywords as hashtags

Add your keywords and longtail keywords as hashtags here. You can add only 6 to 10 hashtags. So carefully choose the hashtags for your  Pin.

Also, it is better to use 5 hashtags alone. This will help you increase your Pinterest traffic.

25. Add keywords in your Post URL

This is another tip where you should add focus keyword in your Post URL i.e Permalink of your website.

26. Add URL in your Pin also

Add your URL  or logo in  each and every pin you are pining in Pinterest. This will create a Branded pins on Pinterest.

 This will help you audience to identify your pin and save it quickly.

Pinterest url in pin

27. Add Focus Keyword in Pin Image

Add focus keyword in your Pin image. Also, don’t add more than 5 to 6 words in you Pin image. If you want to know how to create Pinterest pins, then read these Pinterest Marketing tips here.

Top-5-Watercolor-Floral-Bundles-From-Creative-Market-Know-About-Web - keywords in pin image

Extra Tips

  • First add pin to your Website board.
  • Next add your pin to most relevant board you have created on Pinterest.
  • Now add you pin to your group board
  • Lastly add your pins to the less relevant board of your won.
tips to explode pinterest traffic in 2021