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8 Things To Design Pinterest Pins Other Than Blog Post

8 Things To Design Pinterest Pins Other Than Blog Post

Do you want to know what are the things you need to create Pinterest pins to drive traffic to your blog. Then here is the list of 8 things you need to design Pinterest pins other than blog post.

If you are a beginner or intermediate in blogging, then say Yes!!. This post is specially designed for you only.

To know how advanced or professional bloggers make traffic and sales. This post will help you to understand their strategy.

We all know that, you need to create a pins for your blog post. These pins will be helping you to drive traffic to your blog.

At the same time, there are some other things also you need to create pins to drive traffic. You may not know that we need to create pins for these things also.

In Pinterest you need a fresh pins to attract audience to your blog. So you can create as many pins you want to create for blog post.

So lets see what are those things you need to create Pinterest pins for your blog other than post.

8 things to design pinterest pins

1. Pinterest Pins For Lead Magnets / Freebies

Yes. This is the first and foremost thing you need to create Pinterest pins for your blog. Why?

When you create pin and upload in Pinterest, users who are interested in your freebie will definitely visit your website.

This helps in driving traffic to your blog and generating leads also. In addition to this, after collecting leads you can make sales through email marketing.

If you don’t know what are lead magnets, then go to 25 free optin freebie ideas to generate leads to your blog.

2. Digital Products

If you are blogging for 3 years, you would know more bloggers sell templates in their blog to earn extra income.

Yes, of course you can also create and sell digital products. Some of the digital products related to your niche.

Based on your niche, you can create social media templates, digital graphics and more for free. Then you can sell it on your own website or in the digital market.

If you are an Etsy or Shopify or Print on Demand entrepreneur, then you need to create Pinterest pins for your products.

This will help your audience in Pinterest to buy your products. It will help you to increase your sales. 

3. Create Pinterest Pins For Challenge

If you are trying to create a blogging or email challenge, then you can create Pinterest pins also.

To run your challenge you need audience for your niche. This will be mostly form Pinterest if you are a Pinterest user.

At the same time, this Pinterest pins will help you get leads also. This in turn help you to make sales if you are an entrepreneur through email marketing.

4. Pinterest Pins for Course

If you are a digital coach, then you need to create Pinterest pins for your courses also. Whether it is paid course or free course, you should create Pinterest pins for that.

These pins will help you to generate leads or help you to gather niche specific audience for your course.

Furthermore, it will increase the sales of your course also. Try to create pins for your course and see the difference now.

5. Summit

Now-a-days there are many summit are happening in the blogging world. Many entrepreneurs join their hands to create summit.

Summit is nothing but the interviews or experience or experts tips for your niche will be given there. Mostly they will offer you their course at lower price also.

If you are one of the expert in this summit, then you need to create pins for it. This will in turn help audience to buy your course also.

6. Webinar

In blogging, there are many free webinars are available. What is webinar? Webinar is an online presentation where users get the link to join it.

Mostly webinars are widely used to make sales of their course more easily. At the same time, this will also help you to generate more leads for your course.

Try creating pins to get  niche specific audience to your webinars. This in turn help you to make more sales also.

7. Workshops

Yes, you need to create Pinterest pins for your workshops also. There are many workshops are available. What is workshop?

A workshop is usually a brief, intensive educational program for a relatively small group of people. Workshops focus techniques and skills in a particular niche.

Try to create pins to gather your audience by giving some workbook for free. This in turn help you more to make sales in future.

8. Masterclass

Mostly masterclass is paid class while some may offer it for free. What is masterclass?

Master classes are classes taught by someone who has an expert level of knowledge or skill in a particular area.

For example, Anastasia is offering free Pinterest Masterclass for bloggers. It is more useful in Pinterest marketing.

She is making more sales in her masterclass. How? After giving some expert advice in the masterclass, she will give a brief introduction to her course.

This will create a curiosity in the mind of those people who attended her masterclass. So they will automatically buy her course.

I had found her course only in Pinterest. Likewise, you need to expertise skills in particular area to create a masterclass.

Create pins for this masterclass and find out the difference between them.

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