You are currently viewing 25 Optin Freebie Ideas To Get Free Traffic And Leads

25 Optin Freebie Ideas To Get Free Traffic And Leads

25 Optin Freebie Ideas For Bloggers

Searching for optin freebie ideas, then you are in the right place to know more about it. How to find the ways to create lead magnet and what others are offering as lead magnet? and many more.

All the above question will be discussed in detail here. How you can create your own freebies and potray them to your users. 

I will also tell you more about how I created and post it through my journey. Make sure to read each step carefully. Here I will also recommend some products to use.

If you buy that products I will get some commissions. At the end of the post you will also get a bonus so make sure to read it carefully.

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5 Ways To Find Optin Freebie Ideas

1. From your blog post

You can create freebies from your blog post. How? Read your previous blog post and find the post which need to be revised again. Else you can create a pdf format of your blog post and use it as freebie.

2. What others are doing?

Find what your competitors are offering to their subscribers. Analyze for upto 15 competitors and then come up with the ideas which are suitable for your blog.

3. Make Use of Google Trends & Pinterest Trends

Find the trending for your keyword in the post. Then create a freebie based on the points your know. Here you can also create a do’s and don’ts list.

4. Make use of Buzz sumo

Enter the keywords and find the list of headline of post in that topic. Just open upto 5 post and find the content which are useful. Then note it down solution in your freebie list.

5. Find the problems in your niche

Find the problem in your niche and give the solution to it. Don’t give the solution which are given by others. Tell the reasons why you have come up with this solutions.

6. Survey Your Subscribers

Just create a survey form and create it as a popup in every blog post. Or else you can post it in the sidebar or inline of your post.

Find the topic with most freebie and then create a solution as a freebie and give it to them.

25 Freebie Optin Ideas List

1.PDF Guide

This is the most easiest one to create for your blog. Just add some additional points for your post in a pdf and send it to them. For that you need some branded templates to show that it is from your website

2. Planner

This is nothing but the planner for course launching or digital product launch or even website launch. It  shows you a step by step process need to be done in a daily basis.

You can also buy this here and I would recommend you here to buy this one.

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3. Audio Transcript or Podcast

If you are doing podcast for your blog, then you can give that as a freebie to get the leads from users.

For attracting them, you need an eye catching image for your podcast. I would recommend you to try this and give me a reply.

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4. Facebook VIP Group

This can be created for free and give them the link to join the community. Before that you need to add some testimonials from your group to your blog.

For some professional facebook post, here is a template you can use it.

Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Templates Graphics Know About Web

5. Checklist and Printables

You can create website SEO checklist, Post tracker, Etsy shop launch checklist and more based on your niche and keyword you are focusing.

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6. Free Challenge

This is nothing but give them a email daily to work on it  and find the result at the end of the challenge. Winner should be posted in Private Facebook Group

7. Mini-Course

This is a video tutorials helps you to get the overall ideas of that niche. You can create a video series up to 5 videos on Pinterest marketing to get more viewers.

8. Free Consultation

In this optin freebie idea, you can give one on one consultation through video call or else phone call based  on your user needs. 

If you are well versed in SEO, you can use SEO audit for free to get leads.

9. Resource Library

Like me you can also create a free resource library. In this resource library, you will get access to all pdfs, checklist, graphics, fonts, and more..


10. Webinar

There are many high ticket affiliate products are using this webinar to generate leads to their website.

You can create free webinar on how to start a shopify store and earn more sales. Put ads and many will follow you to webinar.

11. Worksheet

In this freebie, it is also named as workbook. Here you can create a workbook on how to find your niche?

This workbook is used for brainstorming your ideas. For template you can use this.

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12. Tutorial Videos

Like me, you can create a tutorial videos on particular topic and give them as a freebie. In my  home page, I am offering 1hour tutorial to build a website.

13. Templates

You can create your own social media templates and give them as a freebie. Create them using photoshop, canva, inkscape, gimp and photopea for free.

Instagram template Know About Web

14. Roadmap

Roadmap is nothing but a step by step process listed in the book. Simply summarize the modules in your course, the format of your coaching program, or the process you typically direct your client.

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15. Workshop

This is going to be a hands on training. You video call them and guide to do all the work you needed to do them.

16. Email Course

You can ask them to give the email id for a 10 day email course on how to make money blogging. To implement this you need an autoresponder and do automation to send email.

17. Email Swipes

This can be implemented by asking them to input their email and give them a email format you are using as a freebie. It is mainly used as a affiliate marketing strategy.

18. Free Trial

You can give them the free trial of some program like Tailwind, Builderall and etsy free 40 listings to get the lead.

19. Discount

Give them a special discount on your products or courses. You can also give them a coupon code to buy this product.

20. Free Review

In this freebie, you can give the overall review of each blogging tools you are using. This will help you to get  a good name in their mind.

21. Free EBOOK

Give a free ebook based on any of the blog post and give them a complete knowledge  on that topic.

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22. Roundups

You can give them a roundup post on any keyword. This will hep them to know the thoughts of other blogging experts also.

23. Bundle of things

In this bundle you can give them a graphics, planner, pdf,  ebook, and many as a bundle. You can also call it as a kit.


24. Live Training

You can create a live training through zoom or any other app to give training to your subscribers.

25. Coaching Call

Give them a call and start coaching them. This will build a trust between you and your audience.

From the overall ideas choose the one which is best for your niche and blog. COMMENT ME which ideas are used by you to take a short survey on which freebie is used by all.

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