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5 Tips To Write a Perfect Blog Post & Get Free Template Now

5 Tips To Write Perfect Blog Post As a Beginner

Do you want to write a perfect blog post as a complete beginner? Then read these tips to create your own post template.

Before start drafting your post, first you need to plan what you are going to write in this post. Whether it is a solution to the problem or giving some tutorials.

For both the types of post you can follow the same template itself. Structure of your post matters in attracting your audience.

Make sure to install Rank Math Plugin for doing SEO. Because a perfect blog post also includes perfect SEO score also.

If you want to the tips regarding SEO read my top 5 SEO plugins for wordpress post. There I have given the tips based on my experience as well as Rank Math advice.

The above discussed points are some basic before writing your post. Now lets jump into the 5 tips to write perfect blog post as a beginner.

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Tips To Write Perfect Blog Post

1. Giving Solution

First and foremost step in writing perfect blog post is brainstorming. Find the topic you are going to write. As a beginner, it is better to write a solution to a problem.

Analyze the problem you have faced as a beginner. Then remember how did you overcome the hurdle.

Experience makes you perfect. Don’t worry about your mistake and just write what comes in your mind.

Mostly all professional bloggers, used to write their experience and solution. This will help you to build a trust in between your audience.

I have also made mistake in the beginning of this blogging journey. Make mistakes but learn from it and don’t repeat it. This will help you to write a perfect blog post.

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Image from Google search result - solution for problem

2. Do Keyword Research

This is another important step in writing blog post. Why? You need to find whether the keyword you are focusing is saturated or not.

Find the long tail keywords for your blog post. Instead of focusing on short tail keywords. Why? Because all short tail keywords are saturated and ranked by professional bloggers.

To make a stand in blogging, you need to start focusing on long tail keyword. For this use Answer the public.

There you will get many ideas for your blog post. How? It will show you a list of questions asked based on the keyword.

This will help you to make content. Find the answers for those questions and organize them as a draft for your post.

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3. Add Visuals

This is another important step in writing blog post. Adding visuals to your post makes it perfect.

Because visuals will be registering more faster than text in your brain. Make visuals in between your content.

One more important point is that you should add visuals related to your content only. Don’t add unrelated visuals here. Because it will cause distraction while reading blog article.

Here visuals may be images, videos, audio and illustrations. You can also add blog graphics or social media graphics here.

If possible you can add analytics data or any other statistical data here. This will help your audience to understand more about your topic.

As a Pinterest marketer, I used to add Pinterest pin for every post. This will help you to get followers and more saves of your pin.

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Image from Neil Patel

4. Clutter Your Content

Make sure to add your content as part by part. Try adding more sub headings. This will help you in SEO as well as readability also. How?

If you are writing your content as a paragraph of more than 10 lines. Nobody will read all those 10 lines. Instead write 2 or 3 lines per paragraph helps your audience to read.

The above suggestion is based on psychology and also SEO plugins. Also try to add some bulletin points in your content if possible.

First write your introduction of the topic in first 2 to 3 paragraphs. Then write the solutions in the upcoming paragraph as a subheadings.

Finally give your conclusion in the last part or else link to your post for more reference. One more important is that write short sentences. It is easy to read than long sentences.

Make sure to write click-worthy headline. Because it is also one of the most important factor in writing perfect post. For that refer 10 tips to write better headlines.

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Image From WP Beginner

5.A/B Test

You can A/B test your blog post. How? You can try changing the headline of your post. As well as you can also  try changing your blog post structure also.

In addition to this, you can also add some more points and analyze the difference. How? Use Google Analytics to find the views and audience engagement in your both post.

First post for 7 days and test with modified content for next 7 days. This will help you to come to conclusion which is suitable for your audience.

Here you can also change the duration as 30 days for 1 post and modified post for another 30 days. This will help you to find more detailed analysis of your post.

6. Add CTA

Finally don’t forget to capture their email id. Email id is the most important assets for bloggers.

I have done this mistake by not capturing leads in the beginning. But now I’m regretting it. Why email id is needed?

This helps you to engage with your audience by sending them email of your post. In addition it will help you to drive traffic and also earn money. So don’t forget

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