10 design hacks for using stock photos

10 Design Hacks For Using Stock Photos For Bloggers

10 Design Hacks For Using Stock Photos

Do you want to effectively use your premium stock photos? If yes, then here is a list of 10 design hacks for using stock photos.

We all know there are both free and premium stock photos are available in the market. At the same time, we need stock photos for Pinterest marketing.

Why? Pinterest allows users to upload pins in which Pin image should be a stock photo. Because Pinterest is a visual search engine. So Image plays a major role here.

When an audience view the pin, it should be of high quality HD images. If you are using Google images, then it will be blurred while viewing.

To avoid this situation, we can make use of stock photos. If you want a list of stock photos website list, then make sure to go to my free resource library.

There you will get the list of free stock photo websites. Also if you want a list of feminine stock photos then click here.

Now lets the 10 design hacks for using stock photos in an effective and easy way.

Design Hacks for using Stock Photos

10 design hacks for using stock photos (1)

1. Crop The Stock Photos

Take a stock photo and crop the particular part to use. For example: Download the image in its original size and crop it using canva. We all know it is easy to crop images in canva with just 1 click.


2. Add an Overlay To Stock Photos

This design hack is also easy. How? First go to canva and select the stock photos in canva.

Just click the photo to appear it on canvas. Then go to elements and select the shape you need.

Drag the shape to make it bigger and add some color to it. Then you can add the text in this overlay to make it as a Pin.


3. Blur the Stock Photo

This design hack is easy in single step. Just add your stock photo in canva. Then go to transparency in the menu and adjust the range to create a blur effect.


4. Zoom In The Stock Photo

It is also easy to zoom in the stock photo. How this design hack is used for stock photo? A stock photo is large in size in its original version. 

So it is easy to zoom in the particular part alone. This will in turn create a new stock photo or pin in Pinterest.

Zoom in

5. Flip the Stock Photo

This will help you to create a different mirror image. Just upload or select the stock photo. Then go to the menu bar and select the flip option.

After that choose either flip vertically or flip horizontally. Use flip until the desired image appeared.


6. Rotate Stock Image

For this design hack just add the photo to canva. Then click on the image, a rotating handle will be shown.

Then just rotate the image until your desired position and then press enter to change the position of stock photos.


7. Add some Saturation Effect

In the new versions of canva, it is very easy to apply effect or filter. How? Drag your photo to canvas. Then go to menu bar and select effects.

It will show you different filters and effects. Choose the option which is most suitable for your blog post.


8. Add a Gradient Fade

For this design hack, you need to add the image to the canvas. Then go to the left navigation and select elements.

In that elements, search for gradient. Then choose the gradient fade and add as an overlay here.


9. Isolate In Stock Photos

This design hack is similar to that of zoom in. In canva, add your image or upload it.

Here you can use background remover to remove the background. Then take that particular object alone to make a pins.


10. Isolate and Blur

This design hack can be created in photoshop or photopea. It is not possible in canva. Just blur the remaining part of the stock image and keep the focus on a single object alone.